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Use one2edit to assign individual Adobe® InDesign® layout elements, such as text frames, paragraphs, phrases, words, and images, for editing, review, or translation, while protecting logos, fonts, colors, and other brand elements from modification.

Drag and drop task assignments and automatic notifications to easily build your own custom marketing communications and translation workflows.

If you use industry-standard translation management software such as Trados® and Across®, you can enjoy round-tripping of translation memory data, text segmentation rules, and translation job assignments between one2edit and your translation management system.

one2edit is built on industry-standard Adobe Flex® and Adobe AIR® technologies. It may be controlled through its RESTful web services API and integrated within online portals and web applications. System-level tools and connectors facilitate single sign-on (SSO) and LDAP integration, as well as connection to third-party digital asset management and product information management systems.


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