What one2edit can do for you

Features Benefits
Collaboration and workflow management
Easy-to-create custom workflows for reviewing, editing, and translating marketing materials
Use simple drag-and-drop tools to quickly set up flexible, timesaving workflows that can be saved and reused.
Web-based file sharing and collaboration
Eliminate cumbersome, error-prone review processes by providing access from anywhere to centralized version-controlled documents.
Role-specific views, including individual job queues with automatic notification, and project management oversight
Enable each contributor to monitor their own job assignments, while project managers track overall progress toward deadlines.
Flexible, highly granular permissions based on roles or job assignments
Set broad or narrow access to a wide range of InDesign editing and formatting controls depending on the role of editor, reviewer, and/or translator.
Change control and document history
With one2edit you are able to track any changes and can easily find out who applied when which changes to documents, including other actions, like document export.
Flexible document export options
Deliver final documents in native InDesign (.indd) format, InDesign XML export (.inx) format, or PDF formats using custom job option settings.
Reviewing and editing
True WYSIWYG editing of live InDesign documents in a web browser
Produce high-quality marketing materials with no loss of design fidelity and without investing in costly software or training.
Dynamic link between master layouts and edited versions
Easily to implement late-stage design and content revisions to all document versions based on a master layout.
Powerful text formatting controls
Access numerous InDesign text formatting features, including character and paragraph styles and copyfitting tools for fine-tuned quality control.
Flexible image formatting controls
Enable editors and reviewers to swap images, as well as position, scale, and rotate images within InDesign graphics frames.
Permission-based access to layout elements, including text frames, paragraphs, individual words, and images
Enable authorized reviewers to make edits while protecting brand elements from unwanted changes.
Built-in translation memory and Google Translate services
Automatic pretranslation of new documents with approved contents from existing, translated documents or with help of Google Translate
Round-tripping of Translation Memory data, text segmentation rules, and translation job assignments
Works together with legacy translation software such as Trados from SDL or across. Round tripping keeps external translation memory data consistent and up-to-date with late-stage changes after translation process.
Dynamic link between master layouts and translated versions
Easily make late-stage layout and content changes to master documents, which are pushed out to translated versions for flexible exporting and archiving.
Webservice API
Powerful restful webservices for integration and control of one2edit from external sources, e.g. workflow control, document generation, import/export, and much more.
Portal Integration
Easy implementation of one2edit editing tools in portal solutions, e.g. CMS or intranet with Single Sign On (SSO) und LDAP. Ideally suited for Brand Management Portals, Marketing Resource Management, Web-to-Print, ad creation workflows and other online product offerings.


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