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Genuine or Generated? Solving the who-is-who-problem of Web 2.0

May 24, 2023 4 min read Identity

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Genuine or Generated?

Genuine or Generated?

A pope with drip, Fake-Drake, “you’ve got something big for me?“-comments, weird videos of the president of the United States. In the vast and ever-spreading ocean that is social media, the waves of content crash upon our screens with relentless and brutal force. From cute cat videos to breaking news updates, the sheer volume of information comes with a big problem. Let’s stick with the ocean analogy for a moment and just say: there is a storm brewing in this digital realm—a flood of mass content that threatens to engulf our ability to discern what is real and what is artificially created. Okay, some might find those pictures of the pope that went viral quite entertaining. But without any limitations - you can create pretty much anything. Like a never before heard song by Abba. Like compromising videos of celebrities. Like a video of a president declaring war.

Sure, the government would be pretty quick in declaring this fake news, but still - things can go viral relatively fast. Correcting something that went viral is a sisyphus job.

The Challenge of Differentiating Genuine from Generated

As we said: Content creators and consumers alike face an ever-growing challenge: distinguishing between content created by humans and content churned out by bots or AI, sometimes even indistinguishable from the real deal. With advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, bots, AI, and large language models (LLMs) have become skilled at mimicking human behavior, blurring the lines between authenticity and artifice. This disorienting situation not only undermines trust but also puts the credibility of social media platforms at stake.

The 1iO Ecosystem: A Lifeboat for Authenticity

Blockchain offers a lifeline amidst the content flood. Its decentralized nature and immutability provide a trustworthy foundation upon which the new, transparent and open 1iO ecosystem is built. By leveraging identification mechanisms like DIDs, blockchain-based platforms empower users to establish and manage their digital identities securely.

DIDs serve as digital passports, enabling users to prove their authenticity while maintaining control over their personal data. In the context of content creation, DIDs can be used to verify the identity of creators, ensuring that the content attributed to them is genuine. By anchoring each piece of content to its creator's DID, we can establish a chain of trust, reducing the risk of fabricated information infiltrating our feeds.

In the current content landscape, the task of content moderation falls primarily on centralized platforms, which often struggle to keep up with the deluge. Within the 1iO ecosystem, this responsibility can be distributed across its decentralized network, employing consensus mechanisms to maintain content quality. Through a fair voting systems and reputation algorithms, genuine content can be promoted, while suspicious or manipulated content is flagged for further investigation. This democratized approach ensures that the power of content curation is in the hands of the community, mitigating the influence of bots and bad actors.

Transparency: Illuminating the Depths

The lack of transparency in social media algorithms has also long been a concern. Users are left wondering why certain content appears on their feeds while others remain hidden. Blockchain's decentralized nature offers a solution to this opacity. By recording content-related activities on a transparent, tamper-proof ledger, users gain visibility into how content is selected and prioritized - and they’re able to either randomize or further individualize their feed this way. This increased transparency not only fosters trust between platforms and users but also enables content creators to understand and adapt to the preferences of their audience.

Today, monetization models on social media platforms almost always favor viral content, leaving many creators adrift and struggling to make a living. At 1iO, we strive to revolutionize this paradigm by incorporating transparent and fair monetization mechanisms. Smart contracts can automate royalty payments and provide transparent revenue-sharing models, ensuring that creators are rewarded fairly for their contributions. This approach encourages a diverse array of quality content, benefiting both creators and consumers - hopefully more than ever before.

So, in conclusion, through the implementation of identification mechanisms like DIDs, a fully decentralized and open ecosystem offers a solution to these growing challenges. By anchoring authenticity, promoting quality, enhancing transparency, and fairer monetization, blockchain technology transforms the content landscape into a vibrant and trustworthy environment that (finally) might just make digital value generation possible.

For everyone.