Experience it - Review/approve/reject

A reviewer in one2edit™ will open a document and have access to the content that has been passed on to them by the editor/translator.

Because document elements can be individually marked as "done" and passed on for review, and one2edit supports agile workflows, the review process can begin before the entire document has been completed.

Reviewers can approve, reject, or edit content submitted for approval (depending on the reviewer rights assigned to that job/element), as well as attach notes to page elements. These notes can then be used to explain, for example, why a rejection took place. Rejected items are placed back into the editor's job queue, along with any attached notes.

One powerful tool within one2edit™ is the "document change history". A panel shows every edit done to a document, and can be filtered to show, for example, just the text edits by a particular editor in a specific span of time.