Experience it - Create Content Groups

Content groups can easily be created in one2edit™. These groups control which users have access to which content. Both text segments and images can be added to content groups.

Adding content to a content group is a simple drag-and-drop process. Because multiple content groups can be created within a document, translation of multi-lingual documents is very simple, with each content group being assigned to a different translator.

Furthermore, text segmentation is also a simple process. There are segmentation rules included with in one2edit, but it is also possible to create your own rules. It is also possible to manually segment content in just a few mouse clicks for highly granular control over your branded corporate templates. Content from InDesign® tables can be added to content groups and segmented as required.

Editing rights are assigned using policies. These policies can be assigned at the content group level and/or at the content element level, allowing for granular control over what can be changed for each piece of content.